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Global firms and  local firms choose SMART Staffing as their preferred vendor because they know SMART delivers exceptional value.  By providing the best quality resources at reasonable rates, coupled with a quality guarantee, it just makes sense to work with SMART.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you and present only the most highly qualified candidates.

Keeping clients satisfied and returning for business is the hard part.  At SMART, our best clients are ones we’ve dealt with for years.  They know they’ll receive the highest quality candidates available, often in less than 48 hours.  

How do we do it?  It’s simple.  We network 24/7 with the types of candidates our clients look for.  As a result, when we get a requirement, we already have a good idea who would be a good fit.  Speaking of fit, most studies have found that “fit and environment” represent 80% of any job and the remaining 20% are made up of skills pertaining to the job.  We live by this credo.  By asking the right questions at the beginning of the job search, we understand what the profile will be for the best fitting person.  In the past 3 years, everyone we’ve placed is still working at the companies we’ve placed them at.  Not many staffing companies can say that. That’s called the right fit!

It doesn’t cost you anything to compare your best candidate to ours, plus we guarantee ours will be the right one!  Call us today.

We specialize in Direct Hire placement.  However we also have extensive experience in Contract and Contract for Hire.  Areas of expertise include:  Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, Engineering and Sales.  The more difficult, the better.

SMART never charges you a fee!  Get registered today and we'll help you find your dream job.   Making the perfect fit the first time is what we’re known for.